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Alert!Warning!: This blog may go insane every couple of weekends... This would be because I am either drunk, or it is a race weekend (more likely) Thanks guys :D

So my First race on F1 2013 was very mixed… On one hand I got the Caterham into Q2 (P16 behind Jules in P15) and until there was only 15 laps left I held P12 (all of this on the highest difficulty so I was buzzing). (because Sutil and Perez were due a second stop and I was well on their tails). But all of a sudden, here comes Nico Hulkenberg ruining my day! These are some Screens of the cars I’d worked hard to keep behind me going past and the final race classification (I think It misses of Nico’s 20 second time penalty off :P)

  • 7 October 2013
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